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Tips Intended for Night Fishing for Crappies

If you love fishing, one of the most memorable fishing sprees is night crappie fishing. The night is quiet, the stars are shining brightly in the sky, and here comes the heavy task of fishing crappies. This may be one of the most productive and exciting nights ever. Let’s discover some excellent tips for night fishing for crappies. Read on.

Understand the Process

You can easily attract crappie to your fishing spot if you understand the fishing process. At night fisherman attract crappies using fishing lights. The lights will tract the planktons, which will then attract baitfish, and the baitfish will ultimately attract crappies. It’s essential to know the fishing process may take a few minutes to an hour to be complete. But the moment you see the baitfish gathering near the light, realize it’s time to strike.

fishing at nightGet the Right Equipment

If you want to succeed in your night crappie fishing task, you must make sure you have the right equipment. You need a fishing reel or rod, a fishing line (braided line or microfilament), hooks, Plankton fishing lights, etc. Make sure all these equipment are of high quality to guarantee the best results.

Choose  Your Spot During Daytime

Though you’ll be fishing at night, it’s necessary to scout for a favorable fishing location during the day. Don’t just pick a single location; choose several viable sites for your adventure. In the night, crappie usually group in places where the lake drops unexpectedly. These areas are mainly on the ridges, river channels, along the creeks and at points. You can use a bottom contour map of the lakes to locate these regions.

Identify The Ideal Time for Fishing

Though crappies are all-season fish, you should avoid fishing them during the full moon. Don’t go fishing crappies two days before or after the full moon if you don’t want frustrations. For best results in crappie night fishing schedule your activity as close to the new moon as possible

fishing at nightDrop Your Bait in the Correct Depth

Before you establish the ideal preference for crappies, you should set your baits at varying depths been guided by water clarity. In clear lakes, the crappies will be at 20-30 feet, while in muddy waters they will be at a depth of 5-10 feet. You should get your bait to where the crappies are feeding but not above or beneath this zone. It’s easier to figure out the patterns if you begin with rigs at varying depths.

It’s exciting to discover crappies are peculiar creatures. Follow these tips for the best results fishing crappies at night.…