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Three Reasons Why You Should Board on the Business Flight

Not everyone has ever got the chance to board the business class, and the reasons may vary. First, not all destinations and planes have the facility. Second, business class is often considered overpriced. However, there are hidden benefits that you probably have never thought of before.

The Chauffeur-Drive Service

limo business facilityEtihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Oman Air, Emirates Airlines, and Qantas Airways are five flight companies offering complimentary chauffeur service for their customers. BMW and Mercedes are the most common cars used in that service, which can be extra useful when you are visiting crowded cities like Bangkok and Hong Kong. Why bother hiring a taxi by yourself with unguaranteed service when your flight can provide you with a high-class chauffeur service?

Besides, when you are on business travel, your appearance and punctuality matter. You do not want to disappoint your client with an unprofessional driver who fails to keep the car in top condition. You can’t afford to be late for a meeting because of a malfunction issue.

The Networking Chances

boarding on a planeWho boards on a business class? Of course, business people. And if you are good at casual conversations, you can create new business networks on your trip. In fact, most business deals come from casual encounters.

However, not all passengers want to socialize on the plane. Sometimes, people get tired too, and they want to take some rest as soon as the plane takes off. You should be sensitive to small gestures to identify whether your speaking partner is comfortable with small talk.

Besides on the plane, you can make acquaintances in the airport lounge. Coach tickets do not give lounge access, thus making you miss the opportunity to network. According to Neil Patel, as written on, he once got a $50,000 deal of seminar from a UK-based auto company from a casual talk in an airport lounge.

Therefore, the next time you travel on a business purpose, get yourself a business seat. Entrusting your business trip to the right flight company is vital to your success.

The Comforts

airport lounge asianaWe do not need luxury comforts on most occasions. But there are times when comforts significantly matter to our wellbeing. For example, you are on a trip for a tough business-negotiation. But then, there is a long queue at the check-in counter waiting for you. It will exhaust you and worsen your anxiety. Besides, the ugly truth is that you will get much better treatment from the air staff if you fly on the business class.

On board, business seats usually have entertainment facilities and a fast Internet connection. It will not be the same as if you are flying in economy class. If you work in e-commerce or any forms of digital business, access to the Internet is a life-and-death matter. And thus, you should prefer flying in business class than the economy.