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Three Reasons Why You Should Board on the Business Flight

Not everyone has ever got the chance to board the business class, and the reasons may vary. First, not all destinations and planes have the facility. Second, business class is often considered overpriced. However, there are hidden benefits that you probably have never thought of before.

The Chauffeur-Drive Service

limo business facilityEtihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Oman Air, Emirates Airlines, and Qantas Airways are five flight companies offering complimentary chauffeur service for their customers. BMW and Mercedes are the most common cars used in that service, which can be extra useful when you are visiting crowded cities like Bangkok and Hong Kong. Why bother hiring a taxi by yourself with unguaranteed service when your flight can provide you with a high-class chauffeur service?

Besides, when you are on business travel, your appearance and punctuality matter. You do not want to disappoint your client with an unprofessional driver who fails to keep the car in top condition. You can’t afford to be late for a meeting because of a malfunction issue.

The Networking Chances

boarding on a planeWho boards on a business class? Of course, business people. And if you are good at casual conversations, you can create new business networks on your trip. In fact, most business deals come from casual encounters.

However, not all passengers want to socialize on the plane. Sometimes, people get tired too, and they want to take some rest as soon as the plane takes off. You should be sensitive to small gestures to identify whether your speaking partner is comfortable with small talk.

Besides on the plane, you can make acquaintances in the airport lounge. Coach tickets do not give lounge access, thus making you miss the opportunity to network. According to Neil Patel, as written on, he once got a $50,000 deal of seminar from a UK-based auto company from a casual talk in an airport lounge.

Therefore, the next time you travel on a business purpose, get yourself a business seat. Entrusting your business trip to the right flight company is vital to your success.

The Comforts

airport lounge asianaWe do not need luxury comforts on most occasions. But there are times when comforts significantly matter to our wellbeing. For example, you are on a trip for a tough business-negotiation. But then, there is a long queue at the check-in counter waiting for you. It will exhaust you and worsen your anxiety. Besides, the ugly truth is that you will get much better treatment from the air staff if you fly on the business class.

On board, business seats usually have entertainment facilities and a fast Internet connection. It will not be the same as if you are flying in economy class. If you work in e-commerce or any forms of digital business, access to the Internet is a life-and-death matter. And thus, you should prefer flying in business class than the economy.…


Benefits of Inflatable Blow Up Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks have become very popular. They have even overtaken the ordinary hard-shelled varieties. Their exponential rise has made them one of the most preferred outdoor sporting gear. There are various types of inflatable kayaks on the market to consider. The most common ones include canoe-styled kayaks, open-style kayaks, sit-in, self-bailing and sit-on-top kayaks. These kayaks are safe and can be used even in Class III rapids without any problem. For instance, when it hits a rock, it bounces back without getting damaged. They also come with multiple chambers and won’t sink in case of a slight puncture. Among other benefits of buying an inflatable blow up kayaks include:


Durability and Toughness

Inflatable kayaks are designed for various purposes including fishing, recreational use and whitewater rafting and much more. This is because they are durable and can withstand all kinds of impacts from downed trees, jagged rocks and surging water and much more. Most of them are designed from rubber coating that can stretch easily. This is why they are commonly used by military and rescue services.


kayakingEasy Storage

Inflatable kayaks can be deflated when not in use. Deflation makes them take the smallest space possible and allow for easy storage and transportation. Most of them come with bags for easy storage and transport. One only needs to inflate them whenever they want to use.


Very Easy to Use

Compared to hard shell counter-parts, inflatable kayaks are far much easier to get in and out. They have a wide sit-on-top surface that makes them stable. Additionally, the wider surface is an added advantage for those who like exploring and scouting a lot, particularly in new rivers.


They are Cheaper

The cost of an inflatable kayak is about half that of an ordinary hard-shelled kayak. Even the low-end varieties function pretty well and are best suited for the beginners. Moreover, inflatable kayaks require the least maintenance, unlike hard-shelled ones that need extra cash to purchase ties and roof racks.


Portable and Compact in Design

The most attractive feature of inflatable kayaks is their compact design and portability. Whether inflated or deflated, kayaks are lightweight and are ideal for those who like traveling far to explore new rivers and seas. They are constructed from durable and foldable materials. One can store it under a bed or even in a car truck.


They are Highly Adaptive

Kayaks don’t sit in water. Instead, they sit on it. This property makes them ideal for use in all types of lakes, rivers, and even seas. One can use an inflatable kayak even in shallow water.


They are Green

Most inflatable kayaks are made from durable rubber-coated fabrics. These materials are greener compared to traditional PVC-plastic varieties. The PVC types can release toxic gases and other undesirable stuff. It means they are both safe to paddle and also safe for the environment.


kayak board

Bottom Line

Inflatable kayaks are the best alternatives to traditional rigid types. They are highly adaptive, lightweight, compact and portable. The inflatable technology makes the versatile and can be used for different kinds of rivers and lakes. The above are the top benefits of inflatable blow-up kayaks and why they’ve become very popular.…

Camping tent

Guide to Buying a Best Tent

If you are planning for a camp in the summer or any other outdoor function, you need a tent to keep you from the harsh environment or for a relaxing with friends and colleagues. Buying the best one is quite overwhelming because there are a couple of them in the market today.

However, you need to be smart in your research and choosing the right one that will serve your requirements. You also need to understand the specific needs of outdoor activity so that you can narrow down your search. If you do not have any idea of the best tent to buy, the following is a guide to buying a tent.



When you are purchasing a tent, you need to consider the weight especially if it is a camping tent. People who love adventures and trips will have to carry on their packing bag; therefore, it is recommended that you choose the one that is a lightweight weight for portability. If you are buying a large tent, you should consider one that can be split into small, lightweight parts so that you can carry it easily.


How big should your tent be? The event or the number of people who will be sheltering in it will determine the size. You need to be specific with the dimensions of the tent to avoid buying a smaller or oversize. Make sure that it can fit the place where you want to install it based on the square footage.

If you are having a family affair and you need extra storage, you need to buy a bigger one that will accommodate the number of family members and extra space for your items. For an individual user, you can buy a tent that is spacious to allow good ventilation and enough space to place your bags.


You should consider the material used to manufacture the tent before you finally purchase one. You will need a material that is durable and resistant to the external environment such as hot sunshine or humidity. The material should be waterproof when you are camping in a rainy or an area with much dew.

Similarly, the poles used to support the tent should be made of a material such as aluminum that is resistance from rusting and stains. You should be realistic about the material that you choose. You can check the online reviews about the best material that is durable.

Additional Accessories


If you are buying a camping tent, you should consider other additional accessories that will make you comfortable. Such accessories will depend on the kind of camp that you are planning to do.

The things that you need to check to include the ventilation unit among other things that you are not easily available at the campsite. Knowing the exact accessories that you need in your tent will help you choose the best that can accommodate these accessories effectively.…